About Us


Vision for Fragrance of Heaven™


· To be in every home, every car, and every place that memories are built. 

· I have always loved candles and could never find one that burned strong and long. One day I made the decision to start making my own candles for home. Playing with wax, scent and color I discovered that I can do this! Seeking God he gave us an open door and here we are! -- Terri Arthur 


Mission Statemen



· Our #1 passion is for everyone that enters into the Fragrance of Heaven™ store or purchases our products online, that they know and feel the love of Christ.

· Second, that no one suffer with elements that trigger headaches, asthma and other common allergies. To eliminate carcinogens, we do not use soy or zinc. We use a unique development process and individually hand pour each candle. 

· Scent is the closest thing to memory. It is important for me to be able to bring those precious memories in each and every creation. ™


Because he believes in what God has for me.

 My husband James and I. This company wouldn't be where it is today if hadn't been for my husband who was my original investor, encourager, handy man, believer and most of all not letting me quit when it seemed just like a dream. Yes we are a family company but it started with us! A marriage, friendship and most of all partnership throughout the last 40 years